March 12, 2007

 What can we learn about the book’s themes by looking at the characters of Henry and Andy? 

Andy was just a young adventuress kid like a normal  average Australian at his age always looking for a bit a fun and some money to get by. So when every one started getting drafted for war he thought ‘what an opertunity go around the world get to shoot bad people and get to make friends and all of this was for free’. The main thing that Andy would gain out of every thing was doing the most respecfull job any one could do and to fight for something he beleaves in.But of course the things that I have just said are so positive and that’s how it was advertised back then nothing negative like risking your life nearly getting shot every second you walk bombs going off every minute you talk blood getting sprayed in every direction and your thoughts detereating every blood splater and eventully leaving you with the thought’s and the thought’s only of dicapation and screams and mones of your friends dieing and your country deterating.Now that’s what I call a very hard life and as you see with the character Henry is that his life is just way to easy compared to Andys. Henry is a very wealthy kid due to his parents handing out money like there is no tommorow and the comparison in charter Andy and Henry is huge. Henry is as Andy would probably say if he saw him and the way he acted a wimp a wimp that gets babyed by his parents and spoon fed.Henry has never had a worry in his life compared to Andy because both of his parents are wealthy and people that have a lot of money don’t usually worry to much seeing that the main thing that people worry about is money.As an example when Henry’s mum’s car breaks down a normal kid would think it’s the end of the world seeing how it would cost a lot to get fixed but Henry really didn’t have to worry at all because he new every thing would be fine  he had his credit card that was cashed up and it was ready to be spent at any time he wanted. One of the reasons why Andy went to war was because there really wasn’t any thing else to do at that time and that was a good way of just escapeing reality and an easer way to gain respect from every one well that’s what he thought.Of course there still are some simularities that Andy and Henry go through in life like how Henry losses his friend trot in a car accedent but than again its nothing compared to seeing people getting killed by the load like they are little buggs getting stepped on.Also it wasn’t like Henry was best mates with Trot or any thing he only new him for a short amount of time.Some other things Andy and Henry had in common were they both didn’t really know how to respect a girl for example Andy cheated on his girlfriend who he loved so much and Henry just never really did the right thing and was more for hanging out with the guys then sacraficeing things to hold a good realationship.So some of the themes through out the book are look how much sociaty has changed compared to back in the day when the war was on and to look at how much people have changed into little girls needing their parents for every thing.


March 12, 2007

Dear diary

My name is Henry Lyon I’m 18 and I have just finished school and soon going off to university to study law. Some ways I would describe my self are I’m a very relaxed type of guy who comes from a quite wealthy family. I haven’t really experienced to much of the real world seeing that my parents have always supported me in many aspects but the main one is money I have always got what iv wanted but that hasn’t turned me into a stuck up person but it has made me feel a bit restricted seeing I don’t really know to much about things I should for example I don’t have a clue how to fix a car when just little things break on it.

I’m a very kind person that does look out for other people but of course not as much as I look out for my self. I’m a very patient person when it comes to every thing and the reason why I am so patient is because I really have never had many worries like other people because of my parent’s wealth status. See most of my mates would always worry how they were going to get things that they needed but I never did because I always new I would eventually get them so that’s why I would say I’m so patient. I’m quite easy going don’t usually ever mind when something negative strikes and in most situation I’m still usually a happy guy. I’m the type of guy who gets along with every one and always shows a lot of respect for every one and any one. I have great manners of course because of my parents but they do get me fare of course if I use them correctly I never swear and I always listen to people when they talk and that’s pretty much me.



Well hey what can I say my name is Andy Lansell I’m quite a nice guy of course depending on how every thing is going in my life.

 Some things to describe my self would be very adventuress always looking for some fun that’s why I went to the Army and of course I wanted to do the rite thing by my country also wanted to be a respectful citizen and stick up for what I believe in. The town I grew up in is called
Stratford, which is a small country town in
Victoria. Stratford is where the love of my life is, Cecelia. Cecelia is the best looking women I have ever laid my eyes on. She is the love of my life, so it was very difficult to leave her and go fight in the war but not going to fight was never an option it was a thing I just had to do for myself and my country I really just wanted to make a differnce.

Some other ways to describe my self are im a very brave guy seeing I went to war knowing there is a slim chance of survinving knowing I was going to make friends and loose them and knowing I might now ever see my family again also knowing that there was a slim chance of not getting shot. Im a careing bloke things really get to me like not seeing my family not being able to do some thigns I like to do like see the horses having beers with the boys and of course not being able to see my butiful girl friend. Im the type of guy that guilt will destroy very easly unless if I be a real man and admit to the wrong and tell the truth for eg how I cheated on my girl friend with another lady and had a one night stand that resovlved into me having a kid.well that’s me Andy

March 12, 2007

Themes- Boys of Blood and Bone

Themes for “Boys of Blood and Bone” 

Australian identity-

  • Trots V8 Car
  • The Hot Australian Weather
  • Countryside and ocean
  • Language the characters use (informal)
  • Henry’s ‘layed back’ personality

Rites of Passage

  • Henry having a girlfriend but finding out she isn’t the one for him.
  • Andy coming to terms with the ‘baby’ situation. Deciding to tell Cecelia after contemplating not too.
  • Andy solving his problems with the baby situation by sending Cecelia a letter explaining that he has a baby with Francis-Jane.
  • Henry solving his problems by breaking up with Marcelle and finding out he wants to be with Jainie.
  • Andy coming to terms with death when his friend dies. He then relises that he could die too and the reality of war hits him.

Surviving conflict/ death

  • Henry going through life dealing with problems as they come.
  • Andy facing his problems head on.
  • Andy going to war which is going head on into conflict.
  • Henry waiting to see what happens with his girlfriend Marcelle.

March 12, 2007
Un Australian

I think being un Australian is coming here to our country and not wanting a thing to do with us or our way of living for example starting a town with no English any where for the eye to see like the place Box hill.

Pretty much only Chinese people live there and it just feels weird even walking through the place even though it’s our own country.

Its Australia not bloody china if people want to come here and live like they are in china why not just stay in there country so ours actually looks Australian.

People should come here and act like Australians seeing they are in Australia some ways they can do this is by saying Hi or G’day when walking past.

Other ways are by supporting the A.F.L by having B.B.Q’S eating lots of meat and having a good time at the pub and drinking a lot of alcohol with your mates.

Other ways of being Australian are having a good laugh and being a social person and kind to others if they are kind to you. Australian’s don’t take crap and Australians are people that have good morals and are people that usually get a good education and do well. The Australian army is one of the most respected groups of people in the world they are smart and get trained in many ways a lot different than other countries for example our troops get taught on all weapons but Americans only get taught on the one weapon that is specified to them. So being an Australian is a great thing and it’s a thing that we all should respect and be proud of we are all very lucky and are in the best country to live in.

If you want to be a really Aussie and have the Aussie image wear thongs stubby shorts a swagman’s hat have a beer gut your name should be Bazza your Wifes name should be Shazza and every second word should be F@^k and you should have a holiday house in bonnydoon.

March 12, 2007
citizenship test 

What is the cartoon at the top of this post suggesting about the citizenship test?

The cartoon is quite pathetic i find that it will be a great thing getting this test in seeing that we do not want all these immigrants in our country not even being able to talk our language.  There will end up being consequences for our country if we dont bring this test in and already i would say there would be about20 to 30% of people that cant talk English here.This cartoon is suggesting that yeah this is stupid lets try and laugh about this but its nothing to laugh about seeing that in the next 10 years they want to double our population in Australia to fourty million I’m not laughing at all. I like the idea because at least people will find it more difficult to get in to our country.

What are some of the reasons given for the introduction of the citizenship test?

In a submission seen by The Age, the Victorian Government warned that the introduction of a test assuming a homogeneous Australian culture with an agreed set of values contradicts federal legislation and Victorian multicultural policy, which promotes respect for different cultures.

What are some reasons given for people who are against the idea of the citizenship?

People are worried because Australia pretty much revolves around its multicultrul society and we cant afford really to loose much of our population and  they have fears it could undermine multiculturalism and create division in the community. People also argued that a test could not measure all the factors that make someone a good citizen. It suggested that eligibility for citizenship could also be judged on participation in the community, such as involvement in sporting groups, churches and schoolsand some people arnt in to that at all so it will be difficult for some poeple.

 Which arguments do you find more convincing? Explain why.

 I find the arguments for the Australian Citizenship test a lot more convincing because i believe that people that enter our country should know about Austrlian history as they are going to be living in our country. If they want to live with us they need to know about us and our rulesand laws. 

5. What was the White Australia Policy? Research. it was a racist legislation and policies which were intended to restrict non-white immigration to Australia in 1830 to 1982.

  6. What do you think the writer of this piece thinks of the citizenship test? I think the writer is mostly against it because theres nothing bad happening in Australia like gangs walking around the streets being racesist and killing people and other extreem things like that, the writer is still having doughts tho beacuse there is some problems in Australia and maybe some of those things could be fixed if we had this test.   The point of this peice is that the writer wants you to think about the citerzens test, if its realy worth haveing or not .  

The tone of the writer is like why would we need it if theres no need for it, it makes you feel like you want to agree with him bacause he sounds condfedent that he’s rite.  yamarers, loud mouths, and more.  his trying to make us not like them and want us to disagree with the people his bagging and dislike them. 

 I think he is stiring everyone up and that theres no need for him to make such a fuss he even refers to the muslims as them  ghettos. . he even uses the word ethnic gang when hes trying to say that there from overseas.

I really dont think the writer likes Australian society today because of the imagrents rapping and gang bashing people.  They wont need to know to much more about Australian caulture or Australian society because everything will be on the test so they would already know.